Unleash The Power Of Your Cannabis Data

Transforming your cannabis data into significant business edge by using analytical models and cutting-edge AI technologies

Our mission

We aim to leverage your business with data driven actionable insights and smart business decisions

Our expertise

  • Optimizing business goals
  • Generating and applying AI & machine learning platforms
  • Develop and deploy advanced analytical strategies
  • Use of state-of-the-art data collection and acquisition technologies
  • Implementing evidence-based predictive models
  • Analyzing big data using NLP and deep learning
  • Continuous intelligence using augmented analytics

Agrotech intelligent analytics

Optimization & Risk Management

Farming Crop Growth Models

Plant & Seed Breeding Models

  • Crop health monitoring
  • Crop yield prediction
  • Traceability quality control
  • Operational optimization and risk management

Pharma & medical devices

Our approach allows for shorter time-to-market for new cannabis-based medical and pharma developments, according to FDA guidelines and regulations.


Designing and deploying quality systems and GMP initiatives


Facilitating medical device development process with reliability predictions and performance analysis

modeling Trials

Facilitating new drug development process with bioinformatics models and computer simulations


Providing full support for your pre-clinical clinical trials


Implementing a systematic approach for development of drug products and drug manufacturing processes


We identify nutritional and functional values for food manufacturers and retailers

  • R&D formulation – ensure product stability, uniformity and consistency while optimizing sensory profile
  • Process and product quality – development and adherence to rigorous and robust SOPs
  • Nutritional optimization – maximize nutritional values according to regulatory requirements and market demand
  • Food safety – implementing safety guidelines
  • Branding loyalty and engagement

Research and innovation

We conduct experiments and clinical trials to discover and promote new insights and knowledge regarding the benefits of cannabis

Research areas:

  • Cannabis effect on creativity
  • Environmental factors effect on growing cannabis

Our products

Research findings and insights are incorporated into our products:
1. Risk management platform
2. Cannabis growing AI platform

  • Trend identification using AI & machine learning algorithms
  • Advanced analytics including multi-variate predictive models
  • Integration of data collected from various sources (images, texts, structured data and expert opinion)
  • Knowledge base and benchmarking

Our story


Cannytix, an Israeli based technology and R&D company was founded with a mission to deliver and promote new standards and processes for the cannabis ecosystem.

Our uniqueness is our proven ability to transform real-time data into significant business edge by using analytical models and cutting edge technologies.

Cannytix team, led by Prof. Ron Kenett, has proven track record of providing analytical solutions for leading industries spanning from pharma, medical, food and retail.



Our team

Ron Ben Jacob

Founder And VP R&D

A senior data scientist with over 20 years of experience in the application of data analytics, risk

management, organizational processes, dashboard design and implementation and integrated measurement systems in a variety of industries including Biomed and Aerospace.Former President of the European Network for Business and Industrial Statistics (ENBIS) and of the Israel Statistical Association (ISA).

Ariel Kenett

Founder And CTO

Over 15 years of experience in consulting management teams and facilitating data analysis

paradigms as part of the organizational decision making process. Ariel has extensive knowledge in practical statistics and analytics models as well as background in all product management aspects

Alon Kushnir

Founder And CEO

Extensive background is in the investment and funds management market with over 15

years of experience of managing investments in mutual funds and provident funds. Alon has extensive expertise in risk management, as well as practical background in technical analysis, statistical analysis, business development and marketing.

Prof. Ron Kenett


Chairman of the KPA Group , Research Professor at the Mathematics Department of the

 Visiting Professor at the Institute for Drug Research of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He is an applied statistician who made recognized contributions to statistical methods and data science applications in a range of areas including biostatistics, design of experiments, statistical process control and risk management.
Former President of the European Network for Business and Industrial Statistics (ENBIS) and of the Israel Statistical Association (ISA).


Rami Golan


Specialist in growing under stress conditions and the monitoring of the growth using monitoring devices. Expert in analyzing agricultural experiment data.

Specialist in greenhouse climate and utilizing the conditions for optimal growth in greenhouses.

More than 35 years in Post Harvest research at the Israeli Agricultural R&D stations all over Israel.

Huge experience in extending shelf life of agricultural products.

Consultant to major food companies in Israel and other agricultural firms all over the world.

M.Sc specialized in fruit physiology from the Ben Gurion University.

B.Sc. Agr. In soil and water from the Hebrew University 

Moshe Allon

Business Advisor

Entrepreneur, CEO and director of private and public high-tech companies and venture capital.

Yaniv Oshrat

Technical Advisor

Over 20 years’ experience in team management and leading high end technological solutions.

Co-founder in several ventures, handling all technical aspects of the projects from bootstrap to large scaled operation,and computational neuroscienceFormer President of the European Network for Business and Industrial Statistics (ENBIS) and of the Israel Statistical Association (ISA).

Ramon Einav

Founder & Chief Innovation Officer

Scientific consultant for foodtech and wellness startups, registered dietitian,​ ​biotechnologist, co-founder and the CSO (chief science officer)

at Nutrisher, a big data startup in the digital wellness sector, scientific consultant for FoodTech and wellness

Contact information

We would love to hear from you

We would love to hear from you